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Catalysing social conscience, conversing on critical needs, collaborating to build capacity

Our Vision

The Pwee Foundation focuses on catalysing social conscience, fostering strategic partnerships that bring about sustainable innovation towards an inclusive, progressive society. We research and identify niche areas to value add to society, build capacity and collaborate to facilitate the ideation to prototype to scale process.

Our Mission

We involve all parts of society in our work, for everyone to have a stake in the decisions that affect them and provide opportunities for all people to fulfil and expand their potential. We work to build an embracing and compassionate society, for each to be cherished.

  • A new foundation setup

    Ben Pwee has setup a foundation to fund community and social projects.

  • Pwee Foundation aims to change the face of Singapore philanthropy


We ignite the social conscience of people into action to impact communities, especially in the corporate sector. We act as a catalyst to synergise partnerships for positive social impact. We advocate social and environmental awareness in all sectors and transform mindsets to empower people.


We engage with the public and key stakeholders, conduct research to identify the critical gaps in meeting social needs and niche areas to value add to society. We bring together different elements of society - government, businesses, non-profit organisations, academia and the public – to dialogue, encourage and ideate impact initiatives.


We develop partnerships to incubate impact innovation, bring in partners to invest in prototypes, build capacity for sustainable social enterprises and for the upscaling process. We enable people to take ownership to improve their lives and reinforce their commitment to society.

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