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/// 2014 Global Online Final of the Social Innovation Relay



Dear Jeannette, Ann, Ben, Jonathan, Axel, Soushiant, Marlon and Ambrish,

We would like to thank you all for your hard work as the jury for this year’s Global Online Final of the Social Innovation Relay!

We really appreciate the precious time and work you put in. We are happy to see all the great positive impact our students are making, and how aware they have become of the social needs around them. Your involvement and commitment brought additional value and excitement around students’ participation. I hope you enjoyed the experience and we hope to see you again in our activities soon.

Photos are available here and a press release (Link) has also gone out on July 9th, and it has been shared on our social media.

Best regards,
Diana Filip
Deputy CEO and Vice-President Marketing and Development,
JA-YE Europe

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