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Pwee Foundation Forges Partnership with Chiam See Tong Sports Foundation

Author: ben.cheah Tags: There is no tags Comments: 0 Date: 16 Aug 2017
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The Pwee Foundation has formed a long-term strategic partnership with the Chiam See Tong Sports Foundation to support the latter’s goal of supporting under-resourced young Singaporean athletes. The Chiam See Tong Sports Foundations provides financial assistance for training, equipment and other specialist support, allowing them to achieve peak performance.

Chiam See Tong Sports Foundation Patron Mr Chiam See Tong has long supported the Singaporean sporting community, arguing that sports is a tool for nation-building and community bonding. It was set up earlier this year and has Olympic swimmer and sports great, Mr Ang Peng Siong, as Board Chairman, with other sports legends like May Ooi on its Board.

In line with its mission of helping social enterprises in a sustainable manner, the Pwee Foundation has decided to strongly partner with the Chiam See Tong Sports Foundation to achieve its mission. The Pwee Foundation examined the Chiam See Tong Sports Foundation’s two-year business plan, identified backend items that were difficult to fundraise for, and provided assistance in those fields. Among them were staff training and transport, insurance, professional services and office supplies.

The Chiam See Tong Sports Foundation, with the Pwee Foundation’s support, will roll out four new programmes to support young under-resourced athletes. The Big Brother Big Sister Programme pairs an adult volunteer with a young sportsperson from a low-income family to serve as a mentor and role model. The Cooking Matters programme helps under-resourced young athletes to budget, plan and support their nutritional requirements by engaging financial experts and nutritionists to provide a 5-week training programme. Further, the Chiam See Tong Sports Foundation will encourage companies to adopt an athlete for one year, and establish a partnership programme with established sports bodies to benefit its clients.

In recognition of its assistance, the Chiam See Tong Sports Foundation named the Pwee Foundation as one of its two title sponsors for its charity gala, and provided the Foundation with 2 tables at the dinner.


The Pwee Foundation invited several key guests, including its key volunteers like Hamim Aliyas, Bryan Long, Abdillah Zamzuri, Law Kim Hwee, Juliana Juwahir, Nadine Yap, Vincent Ng and Malik Aljunied. Other guests included Melissa Kwee, Adi Rahman, and SEA games medallists Mr Ivin Vikesh Tamilmaran (tchoukball), Ms Hannah Lee (discus), Ms Goh Chui Ling (heptathlon and 400 meter sprint), Mr Tan Silie (archery) and Mr Bryan Ng (rugby).

While the Pwee Foundation and the Chiam See Tong Sports Foundation are non-political organisations, Pwee Foundation Chairman Mr Benjamin Pwee enjoys a long-standing relationship with Chiam See Tong Sports Foundation Patron Mr Chiam. In 2011, forged through the past two General elections. Mr Chiam, who is also the Secretary-General of the Singapore People’s Party, recruited Mr Pwee to stand with him at the 2011 General Elections, and again in a joint team in 2015. Mr Pwee said “The strategic partnership between both our Foundations is built upon my longtime respect for Mr Chiam”.

The Pwee Foundation intends to continue assisting the Chiam See Tong Sports Foundation into the longterm future, to fulfil its mission of helping under-resourced Singaporean youths, and stands ready to support other social enterprises and charitable causes in Singapore.

Benjamin Pwee awarded Impact Leader 2013

Author: ben.cheah Tags: There is no tags Comments: 0 Date: 22 Jun 2013

(First published on The Online Citizen, with thanks)

Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) conferred on Mr Benjamin Pwee its inaugural Impact Leader Award during its Impact Forum 2013. This award seeks to recognise people or organisations who have made significant contributions to the field of impact investment, which is investment aimed at generating social and environmental impact alongside financial returns.

The Impact Leader Award recognises contributions by organisations and people to the field of impact investment. In addition to traditional financial investment, such contributions also include non-traditional means of supporting impact investment, such as creating opportunities through connecting people coming from a diverse range of backgrounds.

“[Mr Pwee] was integral in putting together deals by bringing different people together,” said Ms Lina Tang, from IIX’s Marketing & Communications.

Mr Pwee is the founder and chairman of the Pwee Foundation, named after his father. The Foundation, a non-profit organisation, operates like a corporate consultant for non-profits and social enterprises. Working with their clients, the Foundation focuses on developing beneficial partnerships between their client and other organisations to better meet the needs of every stakeholder. This business model leverages on Mr Pwee’s extensive personal contacts, as well as those of the Foundation’s directors.

In addition, the Pwee Foundation holds monthly talks on issues of social interest. Past talks have included the legacy of Dr Goh Keng Swee and the challenges faced by Singapore’s social sector. These closed-door invitation-only talks brought together people from different fields, providing networking and discussion opportunities.

“I am honoured to be the first inaugural receipient of IIX’s Impact Investment Leader Award,” Mr Pwee said. “I encourage more in society to help level up the needy through making impactful social investments, and be an active contributor to local communities.”

Pwee Foundation holds talk on Dr Goh Keng Swee

Author: pweefoundation.com Tags: There is no tags Comments: 0 Date: 23 Apr 2013

Last Saturday morning, the Pwee Foundation held one of its monthly in-house talks, titled ‘The Social Concern of Dr Goh Keng Swee, the civil servant and politician’.

The talk was by four guest speakers: Dr Goh’s daughter-in-law and biographer Ms Tan Siok Sun, former PAP cabinet minister for community development Dr Seet Ai Mee, NUS Social Work don Prof Ann Wee, and former Chief Minister David Marshall’s wife and former social worker Mrs Jean Marshall.

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