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/// Internship Reflections

An intern Shares

Working with Pwee Foundation has truly been an amazing, learning journey. It was honestly a very refreshing and educational experience where I had gained knowledge about real life work at a consultancy firm and the behind-the-scenes organizational processes of a social enterprise. I had learnt so much over the past month and I am really thankful to have been given this opportunity to be an intern in these two companies.

At Pwee Foundation I was given a little more freedom to embark on my own projects. Minute taking was still one of the main roles I played during meetings with homes, or other social enterprises , but this time I had to juggle other roles, such as being a journalist, a photographer and even having to come up with a business plan for using finger paintings as a fundraiser. I found this aspect of my internship especially intriguing as it utilized the different skills, both soft and hard, for my job. Even though I had the autonomy to complete my projects, Mr. Pwee continued to guide me through the steps and thinking processes of these projects. The coaching I had received was truly precious as it ingrained in me skills which I used to finish the jobs given to me as well as to be used later in life.

In conclusion, this internship was an unforgettable experience and I can undoubtedly say that I really enjoyed my time working at Pwee Foundation. Mr. Pwee and whoever else that aided me through this journey were great teachers and I sincerely appreciate their efforts to nurture me. Frankly, I could not have asked for a more holistic internship, so much so that perhaps I will come back again someday.

Joel Chan

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